We produce advanced and integrated solutions for quality construction

In the seventies the Palermo Brothers, Chiraema founders, deployed their multiannual artisanal experience in construction industry to create and develop a business that aimed to become an ideal supplier of high quality products, able to guarantee a good balance between quality and price. The current young management of Chiraema maintained the awareness that an industrial structure in the new millennium must be able to guarantee to its clients the punctual ability to understand and answer their specific needs and ensure the highest standards.


The mission of CHIRAEMA is to be a producer of advanced and integrated solutions for quality construction. CHIRAEMA is a partner of its own clients, for the perfect realization of their projects.

Behind all of this, there is a modern production structure, constantly evolving, that invests on:

  • development and training of human resources and professional competencies
  • cost/benefit ratio
  • constant research for quality improvements, new technological solutions, flexible processes and rapid response time
  • eco-friendly solutions and environment protection.

CHIRAEMA guarantees to its partners, clients and customers:

  • quality and safety of made in Italy products
  • resistance and durability of finishes
  • laboratory and onsite tests (i.e. accelerated aging test on construction materials and components; experience in construction sites where we test the high resistance of CHIRAEMA products to weather conditions).