Acry 4

Uniforming filling finish

Pigmented finish for outdoor usage, based on acrylic resin in water dispersion and highly filling inerts. Suitable as unifying finish, allows to obtain high covering finishing on supports from which old paint was removed, supports with superficial imperfections, supports with superficial unevenness from underlying paint. Features good waterproofing and vapor transpiration.


Fields of application

Applicable on:

  • Old and new plasters
  • Cement surfaces
  • Old mineral paints (cured, consistent and consistent)
  • Absorbent supports, of various mineral types

Apply on supports cured by at least 28 days.

Support preparation

New finished fine and cured supports: Clean by removing any trace of dust. On highly absorbent surfaces treat in advance with fixative product (see IsoPlast acrilico or Isoslov) and wait 12 hours before finishing with Acry4.

Pre-treated or bad shaped supports: Remove non-adherent parts, dirt, salt efflorescences and peeling paint: Recover damaged zones with proper smoothing products (see Rasapro), treat with fixative product (see Isoplast acrilico or Isoslov) and wait 12 hours before finishing with Acry4.


Apply two coats properly diluted with water, waiting 6-8 hours between coats. The product can be apply with roller or brush. It is recommended to apply a good mechanical action on the support in order to obtain a good grip.


Make sure the supports are perfectly cured. Do not work on risk of rain. Do not apply under direct sunlight. Protect from rain and humidity for about 48 hours.

Technical Data


brush - roller


l 5 - l 14


white - tinted by means of the Tintometric System Color Meter Pro

Dilution by volume

with water: 1st coat approx. 20-30% - 2nd coat approx. 15-20%


1.7 ±0.05 kg/l EN ISO 2811-1

Grain size

800 μm EN ISO 1524

Theoretical Yield

approx. 5-6 sqm/l for coat


dryed 8-12 hr - hardened 18-24 hr

Resistance to washing

> 5000 cycles UNI 10560

Recoat time

after 6-8 hr



Tools cleaning

water soon after use


33 drums of L 14


< 40 g/l (2010) - Cat. c: coatings for exterior walls of mineral substrate - water-base (Dir. 2004/42/CE)

Data contained in technical data sheets refer to laboratory tests. Indications and methods may be subject to change over time, depending on any technological and productive improvements. Products application takes place out of our control, as we cannot directly intervene on the conditions of the construction sites and on the execution of the works. All indications are general and do not bind our company in any way and therefore the responsibility falls exclusively on customer. We recommend a preventive test of the product in order to verify the suitability in relation to its particular use. Technical service is available to provide additional information.

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