Adesivix Fibro

Fiber-reinforced C1TE tiles adhesive

Fiber-reinforced single-component cement adhesive with good support adhesion, composed by selected granulometry sands, redisperdible polymers and rheological addictives. Easy to apply, with an prolonged open time (E), slip resistance (T) and elevated adjusting times and thixotropy, EN 12004 C1TE class certified.


Fields of application

For application on mosaic, majolica, porcelain gres etc. Both floors and walls. Can be applied on cement supports such as plasters, cured/leveled concrete and screeds (if properly cured and dry).


Surface must be plain, stable, solid, free from dust and dirt. Supports must be cured and dry, not subject to shrinking after the application of tiles. Recover excessive gaps with a smoother (RasaPro) or self-levelling plasters (Level floor). In the presence of rising damp treat in advance with proper primers (Primer Bv 2K).

On excessively hot surfaces due to sun exposure, it is recommended to wet the surfaces with water, avoiding superficial stagnations.

Mixture preparation

Pour in a container about ¾ of the necessary water to mix a bag of Adesivix Fibro, add gradually the powder and mix with a low-rounds stirrer. Proceed by adding the remaining water until an even, clump-free mixture is achieved. Let rest for 5-10 minutes and mix briefly before usage.

Tiling application

Apply a thin glue coating with the smooth side of the spatula, pushing vigorously against the support and immediately apply the mixture with a saw-tooth spatula (using the correct size, depending from the size of the tile). During application make sure the adhesive did not form a superficial film. Do not wet the glue after application, as the water may form an anti-adhesive film. Accurately beat the tiles to allow perfect adhesion. With outdoor extruded materials or in overlapping with size exceeding 25X25 cm, it is recommended to apply a double application (both on support and tile).


It is recommended to mix with clean, non-brackish water. Do not add bonding agents, inerts or other materials. In the presence of high temperatures or dusty supports wet the surface in advance with water. Sun and wind exposure may cause the rapid formation of a superficial film. Described times shortens in hot environments and prolongs in cold environments. Apply between +5°C and +35°C. Do not apply on concrete surfaces subject to noticeable shrinking or shocks. Do not apply on heating floors or metallic surfaces.


Technical Data


notched trowel


kg 25


white - grey



Mixing water

approx. 7-8 l for bag


approx. 3-5 kg/sqm

Grain size

≤ 0.6 mm

Bulk density

1.4 kg/dm³

Initial tensile adhesion strength

≥ 1 N/mm² secondo EN 1348

Application temperature

from +5°C to +35°C

pot life

approx. 8 hr

Mix standing times

approx. 5-10 min

Open time

30 min - EN 1346

Adjustability time

approx. 30-40 min

Vertical slip

no-slip - EN 1308

Ready for use

after 14 days

Set to light foot traffic

after 24 hr

Waiting time before grouting

wall joints after 12 hr - floor joints after 24 hr

Reaction to fire

EuroClass A1 - UNI EN 13501-1

Tools cleaning

water soon after use


60 bags of kg 25

Data contained in technical data sheets refer to laboratory tests. Indications and methods may be subject to change over time, depending on any technological and productive improvements. Products application takes place out of our control, as we cannot directly intervene on the conditions of the construction sites and on the execution of the works. All indications are general and do not bind our company in any way and therefore the responsibility falls exclusively on customer. We recommend a preventive test of the product in order to verify the suitability in relation to its particular use. Technical service is available to provide additional information.

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