Osmotic cementitious mortar

One-component osmotic cement mortar, composed by special bonding agents, silicate inerts, water repellents and specific addictives which increase workability, adhesion and water-proofing.


Fields of application

Used for several types of substrate, such as:

  • Concrete surfaces
  • Cement block masonry supports, solid bricks or mixed
  • Cement plasters

Used to seal:

  • Cellars and basements
  • Elevator rooms
  • Drinkable water tanks
  • Foundation and against soil walls
  • Tunnels and wells
  • Water tanks
  • Irrigation pipes
  • Masonries and supports affected by damp and water infiltrations, even in negative pressure
Support Preparation

Substrate must be perfectly dry and cured. Surfaces must be perfectly clean , dry, free from dust and incoherent parts; the support must be structurally stable, free from efflorescences and rising damp. Remove any failing, detaching  part. In the presence of oily substances, remove them meticulously. In the presence of microflora is necessary to remove it by mechanical action. For application on concrete, repair failing parts with proper products from the Riparathor line. In the presence of discontinued point, realize solid slips with proper products from Riparathor line.

Before the application rough and wet the substrate and wait the excess water to evaporate, avoiding superficial stagnations.

Mixture preparation

Mix 25 Kg of powder with 3,5L of water + 2,5L of Resicem using a low rounds whip drill (500 rounds/min) for about 3 minutes, until a fluid consistency is achieved. Let rest for 5 minutes and mix briefly before application.

Do not try to recover the mixture after the curing phase.


Apply with a brush or sprayer, consuming 1,5Kg of powder every square meter per coating, proceeding in a cross fashion.

Apply the first coating horizontally on the wet substrate and let dry. Apply the second coating vertically, after the previous coating totally dried out. Do not exceed 24 hours between coatings. Total thickness has to be about 2-3mm.

Apply making sure to achieve a total penetration of the product on the support, paying attention on angles and slips.

If application is not smooth, it is recommended to wet again the support, rather than add water to the mixture.


Mix with clean, non-brackish water. Do not mix with addictives, cement or inerts. Do not add more water than described. Apply between +5°C and +35°C. Do not apply in risk of rain. Protect the surfaces from frost and rain until cured. Protect the product from excessively rapid evaporation. In windy or sunny environments, it is recommended to protect the surfaces with wet cloths or spray clean water on the supports. Do not apply on substrates affected by stagnant water, efflorescences and strong condensation.

Do not apply on Gypsum, plasterboard, wood, plastic coatings, painted walls, asbestos cement. Do not apply on surfaces subject to structural shocks.

Technical Data


brush - spray


kg 25




white - grey

Grain size

≤ 0.9 mm

Mixing water

approx. 3.5 l of water + 2.5 l of Resicem

Consistency of mix



approx. 3 kg/sqm for 2 coats of 1 mm thickness

Density of the mix

1.75 ±0,1 kg/dm³


≥ 2 mm

Workability time

60 min

Application temperature

from +5°C to +35°C


≥ 3 MPa - EN 1542

Compressive strength

≥ 30 MPa - EN 12190

Flexural strength

≥ 7 MPa - EN 196-1

Waiting time before further layers

after 6 hr and no later than 24 hours (depending on temperature)


60 bags of kg 25

Data contained in technical data sheets refer to laboratory tests. Indications and methods may be subject to change over time, depending on any technological and productive improvements. Products application takes place out of our control, as we cannot directly intervene on the conditions of the construction sites and on the execution of the works. All indications are general and do not bind our company in any way and therefore the responsibility falls exclusively on customer. We recommend a preventive test of the product in order to verify the suitability in relation to its particular use. Technical service is available to provide additional information.

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