Mineral finish plaster, combed effect, grain size 2,0mm

Mineral coating based on hydraulic lime (NHL 3,5), EN 459-1 certified, natural pozzolana, low soluble salt content selected inerts, light-stable coloring oxides. The product features high transpirability and resistance to weather conditions.


Fields of application

Recommended for Livigni type finishes, can be applied on:

  • Plasters based on hydraulic lime, lime, lime/cement
  • Pre-existent plasters for recover operations
  • Transpirant plasters from Renovo line in restoration operations

It allows to replicate from a physical, chemical and mineral composition point of view the properties of the original mortars found in buildings of historical and artistic interest.


Support preparation

Substrates must be completely cured. Remove dust, dirt and oil traces from surfaces. To level and even the support absorption, it is recommended to apply a mineral skim-coat from Renovo line (see Simeto) and let dry. On brittle supports, it is recommended to treat in advance the surface with a consolidant (see Tirso).

Wet the support before application and wait the superficial water to evaporate.

Mixture preparation

Pour in a container the right amount of water to mix a Livenza bag, add gradually the powder and mix with a low rounds stirrer until obtaining an homogeneous slaked, free from clumps. Let rest the mixture for 5 minutes and mix again shortly before usage.

Mixture must be prepared using a low-round stirrer, using the same amount of water and mixing for the same time.

Combed finish

Apply with a wooden trowel, wait for hardening and apply a second coating. When the surface is partially dry, proceed to combing with steel scrapers D4-D3, proceed then to brush the surface with a medium hardness broom to remove unattached particles.

Sprayed finish

Proceed with a first coating with a wooden trowel, while still wet, apply a second more fluid coating via stroller.


Prepare the mixture with clean, not brackish water. During summer or in hot days it is recommended to wet the surface before application. Do not work with the product in windy days or in risk of rain, don’t apply on hot surfaces, under direct sunlight, use proper protection devices (Windbreakers/Sunshields). Don’t apply with a temperature below +10°C or above +35°C.

To obtain a good looking finish it is recommended, once the surface dried out, to apply a breathable siloxanic protector (Metauro or Secchia), in order to maintain the structure of the tint and protect the product during the curing phase.

To limit tonal variations, it is recommended to use pastel shades, fetch in one batch, apply on cured, not dry plasters. In case of high absorbing substrates or high temperatures, wet the support the evening before application. Rain or high humidity during curing phase leads to stains, more prominent in strong tonalities. Avoid application on the same façade in different times or weather conditions, as doing so may lead to slight color variations.


Technical Data


kg 25


wooden trowel - trowel - steel scrapers- stroller


color chart

Mixing water

approx. 6-7 l for bag


Combed finish approx. 10-12 kg/sqm - Sprayed finish approx. 5-7 kg/sqm

Application temperature

from +10°C to +35°C

Maximum diameter of aggregate

2.0 mm - EN 1015-1

density of hardened mortar

approx. 1.6 kg/dm³ - EN 1015-10


> 1 N/mm² - B - EN 1015-12

Water absorption

class W0 - EN 1015-18

Coefficient of permeability to water vapour µ

< 15 - EN 1015-19

Thermal conductivity

0.65 W/m K - tabulated value according to EN 1745

Compressive strength

class CSII - EN 1015-11

Reaction to fire

Euroclass A1 - EN 13501-1



Tools cleaning

water soon after use


60 bags of kg 25

Data contained in technical data sheets refer to laboratory tests. Indications and methods may be subject to change over time, depending on any technological and productive improvements. Products application takes place out of our control, as we cannot directly intervene on the conditions of the construction sites and on the execution of the works. All indications are general and do not bind our company in any way and therefore the responsibility falls exclusively on customer. We recommend a preventive test of the product in order to verify the suitability in relation to its particular use. Technical service is available to provide additional information.

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