Primer Epossidico Universale

Two-component solvent-based primer for metal surfaces

Two-component primer formulated with epoxy resins, with high resistance to corrosion and to aggressive chemical agents. The product has good compactness and toughness of the film; it is an excellent primer for difficult metal substrates, such as zinc, stainless steel, etc.


Fields of application

Primer coat used in industry and shipbuilding industry for painting cycles where high chemical resistance is required. Primer Epossidico Universale is also excellent for metal elements in a marine climate. The product is suitable as an anchoring primer on galvanized sheets, stainless steel, brass, etc. It can be overlaid with synthetic, nitrosynthetic, epoxy and polyurethane products.

Preparation of the surface

On iron

Sandblast (SA – 2.5 grade), remove any grease and clean any traces of rust and calamine.


On zinc, stainless steel and various alloys

The surface must be brushed and perfectly clean, free from grease and dirt; use a rag soaked in acetone solvent.

Surfaces must be dry and perfectly opaque. If they are already treated, make sure there is compatibility by trying to apply Primer Epossidico Universale on a small surface.

Preparation of the product and application

Pour part B into part A and mix accurately.

Applied a single duly diluted coat.


In case of spray applications, do not breathe vapors.

In case of insufficient ventilation, wear suitable respiratory equipment.

Do not apply at temperatures below + 5 ° C.

Technical Data


brush - roller - spray


kg 1 - kg 5 - kg 20



Cleaning diluent

universal thinner immediately after use

Dilution by weight

15-25% with epoxy thinner


dry: after 2-3 hours - hardened: after 12 hours

Catalysis ratio

part A = 80% - part B = 20%


approx. 10-13 sq.m./kg


after 24 hours

Data contained in technical data sheets refer to laboratory tests. Indications and methods may be subject to change over time, depending on any technological and productive improvements. Products application takes place out of our control, as we cannot directly intervene on the conditions of the construction sites and on the execution of the works. All indications are general and do not bind our company in any way and therefore the responsibility falls exclusively on customer. We recommend a preventive test of the product in order to verify the suitability in relation to its particular use. Technical service is available to provide additional information.

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